A rare combination of beauty, mystery and intensity – a well-executed firework show is a magical experience that has few rivals for its ability to instantly amaze a large number of people. This is the logic that drives the spectaculars team at Velocity Bollywood Entertainment.

Working under its banner MORANI FIREWORKS & SFX, this dynamic and creative team has a passion for stylish show design and a unique approach to the art of firework entertainment. Velocity Bollywood Entertainment’s spectacular business covers design and execution of bespoke firework shows, aerial fire displays, indoor pyrotechnics, professional rigging and special FX. With a clear focus on specific customer needs and requirements, our spectaculars team designs each show on a display by display basis, using its technical knowledge and expertise to create maximum impact and enhance each event’s potential.

Our state-of-the-art computer firing system and design software enables each performance to be choreographed with music and multimedia. In addition, the integration of robust computer firing hardware gives us the versatility of unrestricted firing positions, producing the ultimate extravaganza. Our team works closely with the event and production management crew to produce a pyrotechnic or special effects show that is totally customised in its concept, design and implementation.

The spectaculars division also works with prestigious suppliers within the industry, sourcing and acquiring the most unique and innovative pyrotechnic products available in the market.

Health and safety of our audience and technicians are integral to all our firework operations. All venues are subject to a site specific risk assessment. The spectaculars team also complies strictly with regional and local safety regulations, also striving to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

Imagineers, producers and providers of spectacular fireworks and pyrotechnics, Velocity Bollywood Entertainment specialises in producing aerial and rooftop firework displays for large-scale events and special ceremonies. The company’s unique skill has been put to use many a times to present grand scale spectaculars that require a masterpiece of creative pyrotechnic art. Our high caliber public firework displays are designed, not only to entertain large audience but to capture them in a pyrotechnic spell, taking them on a magical journey that attracts worldwide media attention to the event.

Our commitment to safety, and utilizing the latest technology, makes Velocity Bollywood Entertainment the top choice for aerial display firework needs. The company has designed astounding aerial shows, with safety being the number one priority. Our skilled crew and technicians are well trained and certified. The company also ensures that state-of-the-art, superior pyrotechnic equipment is used for all its aerial shows to ensure quality and safety.

Stage Pyrotechnics and Indoor Fireworks can be used to enhance key moments in a concert or event where maximum impact is required even though only small safety distances exist between the pyrotechnics and the spectators or performers. These indoor fireworks are highly specialist products manufactured, rigged and fired to the very highest standards. It is essential that every firework performs as expected when working at such close proximity to performers.

The spectaculars team at Velocity Bollywood Entertainment works with renowned designers and producers of close proximity pyrotechnics that can be safely used in, around or on indoor stages, arenas, stadiums and courtyards. Our special range of close proximity pyrotechnics have no fallout and are smokeless, which makes them ideal for sporting events, concerts, theatrical productions, corporate and private events such as product launches and weddings. Velocity Bollywood Entertainment also specialises in flame and fire special effects for indoor and outdoor events.

The Velocity Bollywood Entertainment spectaculars team has also emerged as the first choice for provision of rigging solutions, equipment as well as safety support for Indian and International Aerial performances and acts. Velocity Bollywood Entertainment helps choreographers and event-planners conceptualise, design, develop and execute aerial performances, entries, and unveilings to make any stage performance, brand launch or celebration much more exciting.

Velocity Bollywood Entertainment is affiliated with the best harness, rigging and flying companies around the world which creates a blend of dance, sport, ritual, and environmental awareness. The team has great skill and experience to rig anything clients might need in a safe, efficient and professional manner.