From entertainment-infused branding events to spectacular live concerts, Velocity Bollywood Entertainment, delivers flawless execution of message, media and entertainment for all its clients. Our producers and project teams are accomplished professionals in the event management industry who understand the nuances of producing extravagant Live events nationally and internationally.The company has been in the forefront of entertainment events and concerts, roping in silver screen superstars to perform LIVE in front of hundreds of thousands of fans world over. Staging its first live concert in London in 1989, Velocity Bollywood Entertainment, has been branded as a true pioneer of Experiential Entertainment in India. Having built an unparalleled reputation, Velocity Bollywood Entertainment is the name behind more than 2500 LIVE events and concerts, some of which have been the largest produced by any Indian company. Sonu Nigam Live in Concert, Now or Never Live in Concert, The New Age Friendship Concert in South Africa are just to name a few. As a motto, the Velocity Bollywood Entertainment Live entertainment team strives to bring alive dazzling and terrific experiences on stage with a unique fusion of sound, light, special effects and dramatic backdrops. Each of our Live Concerts has stunned audience worldwide with state-of-the-art laser displays, pyrotechnics, graphics, SFX and LEDs.